Street food and social cooperatives: carry your mission aboard a Food Truck!

cooperative sociali

Social cooperatives have the purpose of pursuing the general interest of the community in the human promotion and social integration of citizens. Through the management of services and commercial activities, they help all people who for some reason find themselves in difficult situations, providing them with assistance, training and work.

Food Trucks and non-profit associations seem to be two completely different worlds. And yet, even these entities can find in modern Food Trucks an effective tool for attracting the attention of an ever-growing public to their services and mission.

Among the reasons why social cooperatives should equip themselves with a Food Truck, we find:

1) Diversification of services
Food Trucks are versatile vehicles that can be used to achieve an infinite variety of objectives and always fulfill different purposes. The cooperative can diversify its offer through a single tool, saving on costs. Furthermore, a Food Truck can provide an additional source of income: through the sale of products and services on the road, the cooperative can self-finance its initiatives and increase the social network that revolves around it.

2) Visibility
A Food Truck can be used to develop ambitious projects, such as the itinerant promotion of the cooperative: through a path in stages, the association can draw attention to its services and its community, sensitizing the curious to support its mission. Engaging a greater number of supporters also means forging important collaborative ties, and continuing with more help towards the realization of one’s goals.

3) Flexibility and replicability
On board a Food Truck, the social cooperative can educate the population to respect and recognize a range of values of crucial importance for the proper functioning of society, such as the promotion of social and economic justice, practicing sustainable agriculture, educating to legality and critical consumption, provide job placement opportunities, ensure equal opportunities for disadvantaged people, and much more. Furthermore, the professionalism and knowledge acquired by the participants in the use of the Food Truck and its tools allow the experience to be reproduced in other contexts, generating new jobs.

4) Reduced costs
Compared to opening a restaurant or acquiring a physical location, a Food Truck requires lower initial investments and lower operating costs. The social cooperative will therefore have more liquidity to take care of its initiatives, without worrying about paying rent costs or expensive bills.

Street food and modern Food Trucks are to all intents and purposes innovative and effective solutions to promote social integration and generate employment over time.

Discover all our vehicles, and let’s plan together the future of your non-profit association on wheels!

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