Social inclusion on the road: the story of the ALICENOVA social cooperative

At the gates of the city of Viterbo, surrounded by nature, stands the “Fattoria di Alice”, a rehabilitation and educational project strongly desired by the social cooperative ALICENOVA, which has been engaged for years in the implementation of activities that promote social inclusion and job growth of people belonging to the weaker sections of the population.
The aim of the farm is to effectively combine the professional and educational growth of the guests with the promotion of a sustainable agricultural business model from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Luciana Ricci, partner of ALICENOVA, told us what her job consists of and how our Trucks can help companies like hers in carrying out their daily activities.

Hi Luciana! Tell us a little about the ALICENOVA social farming project: what is your philosophy and how do you pursue your goals?
The Fattoria di Alice was born in the early 2000s with the aim of creating social farming courses for children with various types of hardships and disabilities. In a nutshell, the tool we use to rehabilitate and train our guests in agriculture. It offers a multitude of different activities that allow guests to find work that is closest to their interests. Furthermore, through the care of plants and animals, people also rediscover the care of themselves and find a place within society.

In addition to the vegetable gardens, the greenhouse and the animals, the Fattoria di Alice includes a small transformation laboratory open to the public, through which the chain of products grown by the guests reaches the final consumer directly. In this way, a series of jobs have developed that the boys can carry out both within the structure and once they return to society.

Why did you decide to equip your social cooperative with a Food Truck?
Today, Fattoria di Alice is going through a phase of evolution. The main novelty is represented by the creation of a park open to citizens within the farm. The park symbolizes a link between the agricultural work of the cooperative, the companies in the area that collaborate with us, and the citizens interested in buying our products. To achieve this result, we decided to equip ourselves with a Food Truck that will be positioned inside the park. Furthermore, the Truck offers us the possibility of creating an additional work activity and further developing the inclusion and insertion of people in difficulty.

All our products, from fresh vegetables to extra virgin olive oil, from aromatic plants to jams, are sold under a registered trademark: “Sèmina – dalla terra per la gente”.

If you are a social cooperative and you are looking for an effective and advantageous solution to achieve your company’s human and territorial promotion objectives, why not do it on board a Food Truck? Our experts are at your complete disposal to design a personalized action plan tailored to the needs of your cooperative. Contact us now, and find out how we can help you!

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